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About Us

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Managing Director

Forever DM. Jack of all hobbies... master of none.

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Director of Cuddles

Chief treat-taster and belly-rub connoisseur. Chaos incarnate.

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Creative Director

Doodler turned illustrator. Tries valiantly to keep house plants alive.

What is Unlucky Archer?

Unlucky Archer didn’t start out with an ambition to become a games design studio.

It all started back in November 2020...

After an epically awful year for everyone, we’d both been working full-time throughout the pandemic and decided that we’d like to create something in our spare time as a bit of a passion project.

After a bit of back and forth with ideas, the initial concept for Unlucky Adventurers was born. A pick-up and play card and dice game that combined our love for card games, fantasy adventures, and dry, sarcastic humour.

Through multiple versions of design and playtesting, Unlucky Adventurers has grown into a game that we believe in and can't wait to share with the world!


With easy to learn, but always intentionally chaotic elements of gameplay, it is a game that never ceases to make us smile.

From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy!

About: About

Why the name 'Unlucky Archer'?

Quite simply... it was a complete accident.

We have a bizarre history of strangely unlucky events that follow us around, but in the long run, turn out to be either weirdly fortuitous or at least bring happy memories. 

One night, as we were sat discussing what we were going to call the company, we heard a mighty crash from our office upstairs.


A bow and arrows (from our old archery days) that we now kept hung on the wall for a display, had somehow come loose and crashed to the floor, taking a host of miniatures and games with it.

Not one to question strange coincidence vs fate, the Unlucky Archer was formed.

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